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MESH Collective is an award-winning Agency for Social Change that has pioneered the field of digital, extracurricular youth education over the past decade.


MESH Collective provides socio-political education wherever access is lacking – to encourage young people to participate, offer orientation and empower them with knowledge and new perspectives. We build bridges between sciences, institutions, decision-makers and young civil society. We find creative solutions for new, digital dialogue spaces together with peers, high-reach creators and more than ten years of experience in targeting specific audiences.

We develop holistic communication strategies by analyzing our clients’ needs, digital presence and target groups. We identify where and how topics are being discussed online using data-based analysis and social media listening across platforms, channels and key opinion leaders. Through our approach, we create platform-specific and target group oriented creative concepts, entertaining social video series and multi-layered digital initiatives, along with offline events and press activities.

Our content is impact-driven and contributes to young peoples’ personal development and self-determination. We point out societal problems, but also ways to get involved and stimulate a personal rethinking and understanding of democracy. MESH Collective takes responsibility: We represent sustainability, equality, civil courage, inclusion and community spirit in all of our content and daily interactions. With journalistic expertise and an extensive network of experts, we and our partners responsibly drive social issues forward in an online world.

MESH Collective, agency for social change, is part of We Are Era GmbH.

Our content is impact-driven and contributes to young peoples’ personal development and self-determination. We point out societal problems, but also ways to get involved and stimulate a personal rethinking and understanding of democracy. MESH Collective takes responsibility: We represent sustainability, equality, civil courage, inclusion and community spirit in all of our content and daily interactions. With journalistic expertise and an extensive network of experts, we and our partners responsibly drive social issues forward in an online world.

MESH Collective, agency for social change, is part of We Are Era GmbH.

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→ Democracy Education

#TalkingPolitics is a multipiece video series that deals with challenges and opportunities in (occupational) politics.

Eight experts from political and journalistic fields depict their first-hand perspectives on political day-to-day work life. For instance, publicist and politician Marina Weisband recounts her protective approach to handling online hate. Additionally, documentary filmmaker and journalist Stephan Lamby talks about the strength of imagery within political communication. Moreover, in her video, Bundestag delegate Gyde Jensen addresses motherhood during political duty.

The videos intend to inspire political involvement and ambition, and encourage self-reflection on one's political engagement and participation. They serve newcomers and people who might already be in the works for political commissions.

#TalkingPolitics is an initiative powered by the non-profit Hertie foundation and carried out through MESH Collective.

OZON - MESH Collective


Orientation & Information Competence

#J0M0 (= joy of missing out) is an educational TikTok campaign for young people that focuses on a conscious and resilient use of social media.

The core of the campaign was the newly launched @klickwinkel TikTok channel, which was curated over three months. Together with our hosts Selma (@notselma) and Dyma (itsdyma), we created videos that included offline activation, scroll breaks and reminders, talks with guests, sketches, and reflection of other content published on the platform.

Additionally we launched a social video series in collaboration with five Tiktokers who published videos on the topic on their own channels. @Beac_Basti, @Michele.Winchester, @NoahBibble, @MissGeorgiaCavallo and @MatthiasSchuberth each produced two videos in which they found personal and individual approaches such as DYIs, sketches or real talks.

#J0M0 is a campaign by the Vodafone Foundation Germany as part of the Klickwinkel project, concept and implementation by MESH Collective.

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→ Interreligious Enlightenment

With the aim of building interreligious bridges and contributing to cultural understanding between the faith communities, we developed and produced the social video series #GenausoNurAnders together with four creators of different faiths. The result is eight videos that deal with the differences and, above all, the commonalities of the world's major religions in a variety of creative ways and have reached almost 4 million people.

#GenausoNurAnders was commissioned by the Katholisches Filmwerk and funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, the Commissioner for Anti-Racism and the Dr. Buhmann Foundation in cooperation with APG, the Catholic Radio and Television Work and the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising.


→ Health Education

Human papillomaviruses are sexually transmitted infections that can cause cancer in both women and men. Nearly everyone becomes infected with these viruses during their lifetime. HPV affects us all! Yet the perspective of those affected by HPV is underrepresented in the public eye, even though the virus is so prevalent. #LetsTalkAboutHPV wants to change that!

Clare, Yvonne and Stefan are infected with HPV and share their personal stories on the Instagram channel of Krebsverband Baden-Württemberg. While the infection has healed on its own for protagonist Clare, Yvonne and Stefan have developed cervical and penile cancer.  

Five creators also supported the initiative with their own Instagram posts, shared the videos of those infected with their community and made an individual contribution to raising awareness about HPV and the HPV vaccination.

#LetsTalkAboutHPV is a cooperation with Krebsverband Baden-Württemberg e.V. and DAK-Gesundheit.

Cash in the Täsch - MESH Collective


Orientation & Information Competence

In times of social crisis, young people look for answers and find them where they spend a lot of time: in social networks. But which posts or people can I trust and where can I find reliable sources?

With the multi-stage educational campaign #TrueStory on how to deal with disinformation and fake news, which MESH Collective is realizing together with the Vodafone Foundation Germany as part of the Klickwinkel project, a low-threshold discourse was initiated across platforms and more than 2.2 million young people were reached.

Shortly before the 2021 federal elections, the campaign started with the Instagram channel klickwinkel by the Vodafone Foundation, which was redesigned by MESH. High-reach creators activated their communities with shout-out: Julesboringlife, Itsbabyshelly, Henryy.ng, Justcaan, Vikykid, Twenty4tim, Nils von Whynils and Nikothecap.

Another part was an educational social video series in which the creators NikoTheC, Vikykid, the.real.lauri and Wailampublished TikTok sketches, challenges and an animated video on YouTube. In a humorous way and with stories thatencourage identification, they convey how one can recognize disinformation and take action against the spread of falseclaims

#TrueStory was completed with the six-part, fictional podcast Welcome to Fakeland, in which 16-year-old Beke tells her story of radicalization from a maelstrom of conspiracy myths and fake news.


Political Participation & Empowerment

Democracy works through participation. Every vote is important for our democratic society. That is why the #Team Demokratie initiative has set itself the goal of raising young people's political awareness and promoting an understandingof democracy. In six social videos, young creators talk about socially relevant topics: social justice, equality, sustainability and the prevention of racism, hate speech and fake news. Featuring WhyNils on Instagram, fashion bloggersWilly & Vincent and Jeyisbaee together with Melissa Lee on YouTube, Xinting.Wang on TikTok and rapper MatondoCastlo with an emotional music video and song about his personal migration experience.

#Team Demokratie wants to offer young people a direct chance to be heard. That's why we conducted an online surveyamong young people during the publication period, asking them about their opinions and needs regarding current politics. The results are to be handed over to the new federal government and a picture of the mood is to be conveyed. #Team Demokratie is a cooperation with the educational project Lernort Stadion e.V.

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→ Empowerment

Germany has a huge problem: it is called antisemitism. 44% of Jews living in Germany experience harassment in form of hate speech - online and offline. In 2020, more antisemitic incidents were reported than ever before. Therefore our social web initiative #GegenAntisemitismus had four creators campaigning against antisemitism, talking to young Jews about Jewish life in Germany, breaking stereotypes and showing users how to stand up against antisemitism. The initiative was developed in cooperation with the American Jewish Committee Berlin (AJC) and MESH Collective and was funded by the Foundation "Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft " (EVZ). 

The initiative contained an IGTV with Louisa Dellert, who talks with the future rabbi Helene Shani Braun about feminism, sustainability and her faith, as well as a DIY YouTube video with Melissa Lee aka breedingunicorns, in which she bakes Rugelach with Jewish comedian Josh Telson and learns why he chose to stop telling certain jokes. In an IGTV by Susan Sideropoulos she exchanges perspectives with her friend author Linda Rachel Sabiers on being Jewish and shares some very personal insights regarding her family history. Fabian Grischkat, on the other hand, meets PhD student and activist Monty Avi Ott and talks to him about queer Jewish life and what experiences he has had wearing a kippah in Germany.


→ Health

#MoreThanMS is a campaign initiated by the German Hertie Foundation. The main goal of the campaign is to create public awareness for multiple sclerosis, a diseasethat impacts 2.8 mio. people worldwide. Destigmatizing the representation of multiple sclerosis by the media, the initiative offers new perspectives on the so called "disease with 1000 faces". The message of #MoreThanMS is, that people with MS are more than their diagnosis and that their lives can be continued in individuality and self-determination. In cinematic music videos a diverse cast of three people with MS with varying states of the disease are being portrayed. Marie (29), Karolina (31) and Andreas (58) are #MoreThanMS.


→ Social Justice

Every child living in poverty is one too many! Even in a rich country like Germany. And yet there are 2.8 million children and young people in Germany who are growing up in financial poverty. Even though they should all have the right to live as protected and carefree as possible. That is why the initiative #StopptKinderarmut (Stop Child Poverty), which we are working on together with the Bertelsmann Stiftung, is committed to combating child poverty in Germany.

An Open Letter Video is part of the multi-staged initiative, in which several German celebrities demand from politicians and society to finally take actions against child poverty in Germany. And with the Blackbox Monlogues, acutely affected youngsters get their say.
Additionally, five YouTube stars, who were themselves formerly affected by child poverty, talk about their own experiences on their YouTube channels. Amongst them are justCaan, Matondo Castlo, Kati Karenina, Anderson Rey and Leeroy Matata, who is interviewing a formerly affected peer.

More information can be found at

OZON - MESH Collective


→ Civic Engagement

How can civic engagement be made more visible? For the non-profit Hertie Foundation, MESH Collective produces 30 portraits of young, committed people who work in a variety of ways for democratic cohesion and empathy. Whether in the fight against racism, as a woman in the voluntary fire brigade or founder of an own citizens‘ participation forum. The social media awareness campaign Generation Grenzenlos shows how much an individual can move and that each of us has the chance to actively shape our society.

Cash in the Täsch - MESH Collective


→ Sustainability

OZON is the first format in the funk universe that deals exclusively with environmental issues. Each week, one of our hosts explores one specific question, which we approach from multiple angles: using hard facts, practical everyday tips and community challenges. We draw connections between global environmental issues, like microplastics in seas, and the daily decisions that we all make. OZON was created and is produced in collaboration with UFA X.


→ Science Awareness

Together with WWF Germany, MESH Collective is producing a nine-part series to mark the annual Earth Overshoot Day. Currently, mankind consumes significantly more resources than the earth can reproduce within a year. The Earth Overshoot Day signifies the date, onwards from which we start using more from nature than we can repay. But what exactly does it mean to live within the boundaries of what nature can supply? What are the key factors driving climate change and what role do our personal actions play?


→ Building Democracy

What does human dignity actually stand for? If you ask people, nearly everyone will quote the German constitution: "Human dignity is inviolable.” But what exactly do we mean by dignity? In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the German Basic Law, the initiative Deine Würde aims to bring the abstract concept of dignity to life in various phases. A social video on Facebook and YouTube creates an emotional access point into the topic and raises awareness for the importance of dignity for our daily co-existence. The immersive play HUMARITHM deals with dignity in the age of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, various creators also address the topic of dignity on their own channels.

Awards - Mesh Collective

Comprehensive analysis as a basis for development

Qualitative trend analysis with peer groups, workshops, surveys

Data-driven analysis tools with social listening and real time tracking

Holistic and tailor-made communication strategy

Development of a central idea and a strategic framework for cross-channel and cross-platform video series

Development of multi-level campaigns and digital initiatives

Realisation of social content

Onboarding of content experts from our wide network of relevant actors and academics

Acquisition and support of wide-reaching creators and credible opinion leaders

Journalistically sound research and preparation of fact sheets for content coordination and briefings of creators

Fine-tuning of target group-specific short-form and long-form social videos and formats for external channels as well as development or expansion of existing social media channels

Events, podcasts, livestreams, animations, landing pages, hashtag campaigns, challenges and digital surveys

Art direction, CI development

Development of response strategies, community management and social media monitoring and optimisation

Production (climate-friendly green production) as well as publication and distribution of content

Planning and placement as well as flexible control of paid media ads

Project communication and evaluation

Press and public relations work

Qualitative and quantitative performance measurement

Final reporting: evaluation of analytics and insights

Creation of a final trailer

Award submissions

Awards - Mesh Collective
Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation: Kampagne des Jahres (Nominierung)
NRW Medienpreis 2022 (Nominierung)
Eyes & Ears Award (Gold für "Bestes Influencer-Marketing")
Deutscher Umweltmedienpreis (Nominierung)
Einheitspreis der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (3. Platz)
Smart Hero Award (3.Platz)
Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation
Grimme Online Award
Deutschland - Land der Ideen
Alternativer Medienpreis
Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis
Fast Forward Science Award
Europäischer Medienpreis für Integration
Sonderpreis Rechtsextremismus im Spiegel der Medien
Pädagogischer Interaktiv-Preis
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